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衣服珠子In Water Soluble, No Need To Cut Open
Aug 19, 2018

Laundry beads is a new product, can be said to be concentrated detergent super evolution version, or quantitative design, simple to use, a throw on the convenient type of products, especially suitable for busy modern people.

Do you need to cut the laundry beads? This is a question many people ask. Answer is: need not cut open or tear open, throw into washing machine barrel bottom to go directly, high-tech water dissolves film to meet water to dissolve namely, won't have any remain.

Laundry beads contain no phosphorus, no fluorescein and other chemical additives. The coating is edible water-soluble membrane imported by the United States Monosol company, which can be dissolved without residue. The spices are natural spices imported by famous enterprises such as the Swiss company ciwarton.

The laundry condensate beads as the latest generation of products, is to have all aspects of the landslide, in addition to a clean, simple to use, convenient and not dirty hands, the advantages of mild does not hurt the hand, it also has eight major advantages: super clean force, safety without fluorescence, lock color factor, deep sterilization in addition to mites, fragrant lasting, complaisant anti-static, soluble, bearing compressive residual moisture.

作为米ore and more people began to contact and understand laundry beads, laundry beads of convenience, efficiency, all-around, health also in people's word of mouth to create a good reputation, more and more people order and agent our products, our business is also more prosperous, hiring too late.

Laundry beads in foreign countries has replaced the status of laundry detergent, laundry products become the mainstream, I believe that the domestic market in our efforts, will soon achieve this goal.